Chairman's Desk

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Dinesh Oswal
Dear Valued Members and Stakeholders,
I extend my warm greetings to you on behalf of Rajgurunagar Sahakari Bank Ltd.
As the Chairman, I am delighted to lead a team that believes in respect, ethics, and
transparency. At Rajgurunagar Sahakari Bank Ltd, we are dynamic, striving with
urgency, passion, and energy to serve you better. Our commitment to excellence drives us to go
the extra mile, ensuring continuous improvement in all that we do.
We take pride in working together as a team, aiming for collective success. Beyond banking, we
are dedicated to contributing to the betterment of society and communities. When we make
promises, we ensure to deliver on them, taking ownership of our commitments.
Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, let's build a stronger and more prosperous
Best regards,
Mr. Dinesh Oswal,
Chairman, Rajgurunagar Sahakari Bank Ltd,